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Freedom, indifference and Culture of Democracy


U.S. President Donald Trump has made many statements where he suggests that perhaps he is being treated unfairly by the media. I agree with that assessment. I think it is fair to point out mistakes and give constructive criticism when appropriate. But there obviously should be a balance.
This relentless attack on Trump by political adversaries, media establishment, academia, hollywood, leakers from government agencies etc. is phenomenal to behold and makes a northern European outside observer sometimes wonder what is really going on.
We live in a cosmopolitan political culture. All the western countries face pretty much same issues.

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Inexpensive diy mp3 player

Testing GPD2846A TF MP3 Decoder board:

it works fine out of the box playing and looping through all the files in TF card.

Here is a simple implementation with 7805 voltage regulator and plugin resitor to control volume.


Documentation as to how to interface this with arduino is not so clear, though.

Searching for lost files with FileListSearch

How to find a file!? .. it is somewhere in some of the several hard drives or back up cds but where?
Just in case you are like me, you might have accumulated several files (thousands or millions of them) over the years and these files are conveniently scattered in several different hard drives, usb sticks and backup cds or dvds.
Every now and then you are likely to face a need to find some file that is couple of years old and you don’t necessarily even remember from which year or what the file name has been.

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Filosofian hyödyt

Filosofia voidaan määritellä varsin monella tapaa. Tässä minun yksi määritelmä: se on havainnoille selitystä luovan palapelin rakentamista. Kun maailma tai ihmiset, ilmiöt ja kokemukset toimivat jotenkin odottamattomasti herää kysymys siitä mikä selittää tämän tai tuon ilmiön? Herää kysymys olenko tulkinnut todellisuutta jotenkin puuttellisesti?

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